Comments to team-match from 2005-06-17

1.   Washout nothing to comment

2.   We lost 7IMPs because I couldn’t double 4 spades, after partner passed all the time.
Here the bad unsound bid of 2 hearts payed. In the long run such bids doesn’t pay.

3.   Again I could not double, because I had no hint that they were gambling.
But WESTs X is a crime and led to a well deserved loss of 12 IMPs
You shld X only, if you want REALLY the suit led.
My A of diamonds was not a misclick but a try to mislead declarer in case he had only 4 Diamonds, inthat case he had repeated the diamond finesse for sure. My thought was: Maybe he has another line of play available, if he knows, the hearts are open and the A of diamonds still out.

4.   3NT is a reasonable contract with 25HCP. If declarer had finessed the J he had won 1S+3H+5C=9tricks.
But that is pure guess, how to play such a hand.
Well timed defence by my partner. His only hope to defend the contract, was me having diamond A.
Lucky 8 IMPs for us. Our teammates should be in 3NT too and than it would be a washout.

5.   Good bidding at our table. Nonsense (or misunderstanding) at the other, but why look for a minor-fit, of you know you have 5/3-major fit at least???????
Another lucky 9 IMPs

6.   It is a matter of taste, if you open the EAST-hand. I would open: I have 2 quick-tricks, 2 four-card-majors, 11 HCP(without diamond J) and a good spade 10.
This is a hand were you have the advantage, if you open. We made the same tricks in defence as declarer at the other table.

7.   My partners 3 diamond was a very good bid (long-suit-trial) showing: I need help in diamonds.
Probably I should only bid only 3 Spades, because Jxx is not really good opposite a long-suit-game-try.
Besides: I have a bad hand 4333, 9.5 loser in LTC and bad spades. If his bid were 3 hearts: no question to bid 4 spades.
Change his hearts and diamonds and 4 spades only depends on spades 3/2 which is 67%.
REMEMBER: In a suit contract all what counts is fit not points (POINTS SCHMOINTS)
If you are in 4 spades, your aim must be to win. You have a sure spade loser, and must try to lose only 2 diamonds.
There are two possibilities to lose only 2 diamonds

a.   One defender has 10 9 of diamonds stiff (3,2%)

b.   One defender has Hx of diamonds stiff and only 2 spades. (about 30% but counts as 15% because you must guess who)

                                  i.          In the first case you should play A and K of spades and then play on diamonds.
In the second case you must guess, who has the Hx and hope his partner will give him no ruff, because needing a ruff yourself you cannot draw 2 rounds of trumps.
I like to give opponents problems and would try the second line, I guess. Playing A of hearts, K of hearts, ruff a heart and lead a diamond against the J. Perhaps opponents make a mistake in the return.

                                ii.          But it is not unreasonable to play on the first chance, which needs no guess and slip in defence.
It is a matter of feeling.

                              iii.          At the other table SOUTH made a terrible lead of the A of diamonds. REMEMBER: Leading out an A is a mistake in 95% even against slam.
This 3 IMPs go to the account of our teammates.

8.   Washout 3NT+3. Normal bidding normal play. No idea of a squeeze, because you have not the entries.

9.   This hand had to be a washout of 450 too, but our opponents (a gold-star btw.) thought he should us how to play with students.
We got lucky 11 IMPs.

10.             This hand was a disadvantage of our system. My pd had to bid 2 clubs, because 2NT at once had been Xfer to diamonds. This gave RHO the opportunity to X 2 clubs for club lead (this time a good double)
Playing double dummy I could win 3NT by playing small to my diamond J (WEST would duck(best)) duck the diamond K too and take the third.  Now the diamonds are dead, but I have 9 tricks (4S+1H+2D+2C).
My problem was what to do, if the diamond J held trick. Should I play K of diamonds (hoping for Qx) or small (hoping for Qxx)
Now I would lose against AQx(x) with EAST and also against Qx guessing wrong.
My line of play would be successful always if EAST had the Q of diamonds (50%)
My line was the losing line when EAST had a stiff small diamond. (8,5%)
I didn’t calculate this at the table, but my feeling leaded me.
Declarer at the other table had not these problem after spade lead and made the normal lead small to the J.
My problem after the club-lead was that EAST was the dangerous opponent, who shouldn’t get the lead twice.