KO-match lost to bridgebuilders 2009-02-28

A difficult bidding situation. We lost 11 IMps, when I decided to double instead to compete.
If the hearts are not distributed 2-2, 5 Clubs are down against a spade lead.
If you exchange the South and the West hand, 5 club will be -2 for sure.

I posted the problem in BBF as Poll. More than 70% voted for 4Nt. So I have to admit that this loss is my problem

I had opened Yvon's hand for sure, but then it would have been difficult to stop below game.
Perhaps this would have worked.
BUT: Do you pass with this this LTC10 hand? Don't you invite?
This was the bidding at the other table:
Btw.: I'm very inclined to open the East hand with 1D first in seat. Now the bidding could be

In this hand we lost 17 IMPs when we stopped in game while opponents bid the grand.
We both bid very conservative and missed even the small slam. Yvon should cue 4S. After RKCB 5NT is asking for Ks, shows grandslam-interest and the presence of all 5 keys. Therefore South with the great spade suit can bid 7.
This was the bidding at the other table:
In the other room South had a much easier job, because after the diamond cuebid he knew that all suits are covered and could go for RKCB.
Btw.: 7 hearts is much better than 7NT.
But even after my partners signoff in 4H I should have bid 4S: Now the bidding could be:

This hand was a washout, but I'm unsure if I didn't misplayed it.
Patsy made a great move, when she played in the triple void to trick 9. She gave declarer a ruff and discard but no extra-trick. Had she led a diamond the show would be over.
I tried to make defenders guess wrong which minor suit to lead. But he didn't lead a diamond too.

Now the question is how to handle the diamonds missing KJ9xx.
The adopted line at both tables wins against K with West or doubleton J anywhere.
Small to the 10 works if East hold the J or the K is doubleton anywhwere.
It seems this is the same chance, but I have the feeling that I'm missing something here.